The credo was no compromises, five models the beginning, and music the means of transport. Cari Zalloni (1937-2012) was a nonconformist free spirit, who reinvented himself time and again with crazy infatuation for detail and radical maximalism, and yet remained true to himself: provocative, uncomfortable and without the slightest fear of failing. In this way nothing compliant occurs. What occurs are things that are so strong and memorable that they stand the test of time. Cari Zalloni created an extraordinary style which polarised and in the 80s quickly became a cult. Like no other brand, CAZAL defined the typical hip-hop look, and some of the legendary designs from that time are still leading to this day. Eyewear lovingly described by its fans – phanatics – as “Cazzy”.

CAZAL Eyewear is the lifetime achievement and legacy of Cari Zalloni. The success of the brand loved the world over by those who wear eyewear is due to his talent and his passion for eyewear – and his creative genius lives on: the international Design Team advances the CAZAL identity and develops collections that set new standards and make his signature immortal. In doing so they commit themselves with the same passion and absolute implicitness to the values of the charismatic revolutionary: HERITAGE – the legacy of strong individuality and personality, DESIGN – details and maximalism, LUXURY – a question of attitude, and QUALITY – non-negotiable!, are the immutable co-ordinates of CAZAL.


Aside from the mainstream, CAZAL follow paths that create connections between past, present and future. The result: flamboyant eyewear models with a high recognition level. Often striking and always extraordinary. Whether for ladies or for gentlemen: CAZAL eyewear is stylishly composed and beguiles through character. It is statement eyewear, designed for people for whom individuality and extravagance are part of their life and who appreciate maximum quality.


10mm thick acetate is the measure of things. Not a millimetre less. It has always been so and will always remain so. The uncompromising generosity begins with the acetate and ends with 24-carat gold. At CAZAL, design comes from adding, not leaving out, from maximalism and excellence.

Into the eyewear goes as much enthusiasm as German thoroughness. The models are loud, the way they are built is silent. Because being BOLD requires sensitivity. Each step in itself is perfection (Made in Germany), all together they are a cult (worldwide).


Good design is not made for today, not at all for yesterday, but always for tomorrow. Owning a CAZAL means wearing it, looking after it and finally passing it on. To someone who knows precisely what that means. Eyewear as a piece of history. It is not only a statement against fast pace, it is the stuff legends are made of.


CAZAL Legends are elevated above fashions and do not give a thought to whether they are contemporary. They are Cari Zalloni’s legacy. Music, film, art and culture caught in a timeless setting. At regular intervals, CAZAL replaces these Legends, modifies them, develops new colours and yet remains true to itself.


The older a company is, the harder its core becomes. CAZAL is hardcore. And CAZAL lives. On the streets, in the hearts and minds of the people who wear these items. Musicians, actors, filmmakers, designers, personalities. Known or unknown, but invariably special. CAZAL accompanies life. Wherever these people are, so is CAZAL. Throughout the world, they have even given themselves a name: phanatics.


Sammy Davis Jr., Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt, Beyoncé, Rihanna or Lady Gaga: they all wore and wear CAZAL. No wonder no other eyewear brand has been on a record cover so often. They have all worked on the myth, helping connect passion beyond continents and sectors. Music and film as the glue for the extraordinary. From Passau to New York and from L.A. to Tokyo. And most recently since Munich’s Pinakothek der Moderne devoted an entire exhibition to CAZAL and its influence on the American hip-hop scene, it can be said quite officially: CAZAL is art.